Monday, April 27, 2009

What do Canada, Disney & CWIC have in Common?

Oh Canada - Despite being ruled by the British for so long, Canada emerged as an amazing country. It is known not only for its peaceful atmosphere but also for its cleanliness; even river waters are so clean that you can actually drink water without any requirement of filtration. Besides leading the world in clean unfiltered natural drinking water, Canada is also home to 125,566 miles of coastline, making it the longest coastline in the world.

Located in the continent of North America, Canada stretches between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Today Canada, amidst opulence of tourist attractions, rules the charts of top tourism destinations around the world.

Also located in the continent of North America - in the state of California, just 10 short miles east of the Pacific Ocean is the research, development and marketing aquatics hub known as CWIC. CWIC, under a new licensing agreement with Disney, has created a complete line just for Canada. The deal allows CWIC to develop and market new lines of kid friendly, Disney labeled aquatics gear for the Canadian youth and those eager to visit and play in Canada's fresh lakes, rivers and expansive coastline.

CWIC founder, Cindi Walters notes that, "The USA has invaded Canada twice-in 1775 and 1812-both times the US failed. But this time we are taking a different approach. We are putting down our arms and raising our masks and snorkels."

Product and initial marketing tests show that Canada does not see Disney aquatics as an invasion. Instead the Canadian youth are welcoming the Disney name and unparalleled mask and snorkel development from CWIC with open arms. Some of the products the Canadian youth can expect to enjoy this summer are...

Full Cars Snorkel Set: This learn to snorkel set is great for all youngsters! It includes a mask with a soft facial skirt for a comfortable fit, a snorkel, and fins that adjust as a child grows.

Princess Stealth Mask: Every little girl wants to be a princess, even in the water.

Toy Story Learn To Swim Set: Join you child and the whole gang from Toy Story as your child learns to swim.

This unique float suit provides the ultimate in swim training, allowing children to swim freely with comfort.

- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Save Our Surf Surfathon With Oceana

A Great Day With Good Friends At Ocean Park!

On Sunday April 5th, CWIC sponsored the Save Our Surf Surfathon in Ocean Park. Save Our Surf is an organization started by actress Tanna Frederick and pro surfer Shaun Thomson where surfers and non surfers alike can give back while also keeping the oceans clean. Weather was great and celebrities were out in an effort to help Oceana, the world's largest ocean preservation organization, in their attempt to clean our World's beaches. The day began at 9 a.m. and included both pro and celeb surf competitions, mural painting and boogie board contests for the kids and a good time for everyone. Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Balfour, and David Chokachi were all there along with Pro surfers Rob Machado, Frank Caronna, and James Pribram and many more.
After the sun went down, fans and celebrities alike were invited to attend a "blue" carpet gala and silent auction at Shutters on the Beach that was also sponsored by the Save Our Surf Foundation. ER's Noah Wyle and actor Judd Nelson hosted the event along with director Henry Jaglom. CWIC offered an impressive arrangement of snorkel gear as items to be auctioned off, along with other sponsors who provided private surf lessons with a pro, art sculptures, and a Charlie Palmer celebrity chef dinner for 14 people.winnings included all from a 1/2 hour at home healing massage, a Wii game station or a $200 car detailing gift certificate. The day was huge success and a wonderful coming together of those who have a love and desire to keep the oceans beautiful. We had a great time and thank you so much to everyone that came out. Until next time!!
- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation