Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear First Timer...

This is my letter, to the snorkeler who is about to embark on their first journey into the blue (movie reference intended.) Your mental state is fragile because you are convinced that snorkeling is like nothing you have ever done before and the very thought of being out in the water is more frightening than filing your taxes, rising gas prices, or, the worst going cellphoneless (One word, three syllables) for a week let alone a day!

You need not to worry! Us at CWIC have all been there before and I can assure you, it is totally worth it. Remember being younger, and being terrified of doing a flip on the trampoline? Or maybe you visited an amusement park for the frist time and actually going upside down on a roller coaster, fuhhgettabawditt! Maybe for some of you it was trying something you never ate, for the first time and absolutely loving it. Eventually, you flipped, you rode the coaster, with your hands up the ENTIRE time and yes you even tried that piece of ahi, that spicy pepper, or, um... Lamb. No matter which story is yours, it's hard to explain where the joy we get from these events comes from and finding that next little challenge can be tough but you, the brave little choo-choo that said they could has come upon it, way to go! Snorkeling, it's your next "worth-it" challenge.

First of all, you have to be comfortable. Girls, you have to get over the fact that you will look a little funny in a snorkel mask and guys I promise you will not compromise your wannabe tough guy persona by putting a pair of fins on. What you will find is that while looking for and choosing gear for your next snorkel expedition, color, size, look, or whether or not it all matches is not as nearly important as if it feels good. I can promise, the fish will not care if your little pink accents in your fins match the strings of your bikini which in turn match the color of your mask. You would be wiser to focus on technique so that the fish don't notice you; it will make your experience so much more enjoyable. Remember you are a guest in their home. Think vice versa, a fish three times our size comes stomping around in our house with no coordination whatsoever and just watches us as we... cook breakfast, or maybe read blogs posted by mildly creative interns. *wink*

To elaborate on the technique topic... once you come upon a site with a decent amount of wildlife or you find that you have moved into an area with a group of snorkelers who seem to be already focusing on something, MOVE LESS! It's very important that you kick less and try to completely refrain from using you arms. A good pair of fins is great because it allows you to do minimal work while getting maximum results. That's my one and only ode to the AB-Doer Extreme informercial that has been dominating the paid programming as of late. Anyway, move so little that you actually allow your body to gently rise up and down with the natural bob of the ocean and take time to focus on each and every movement of your legs to insure that you are not going too fast and are totally in control. technique and Etiquette actually go hand in hand. While you do not want to disrupt the natural habitat that has flourished long before you got there, you also do not want to take away from the experience of those around you.

Safety is the last thing I want to touch on. If you worry,"Well I'm just too exposed, I feel too open like there is nothing I can go to or what if I begin to feel lightheaded or need a rest." CWIC to the rescue, with the Hydrosling. Just think, a non bulky alternative to the lifejacket. Takes absolutely no effort to stay afloat and for many, it is the ultimate secutiry. "But CWIC, what about my kids?" Pretty much any watersport provider carries a comfortable fitting very bright orange cap that can be seen from a mile out. One other thing that Body Glove and CWIC can boast about is that we have many snorkels to choose from that include a whistle. Whatever your worry is, we have the products that will help you feel better in the water. The one thing that will gain you the most comfort in the water is experience.

There you have it; Be comfortable, focus on not disrupting anything or anyone and be a safe as you want. Snorkeling is truly a wonderful way to appreciate what the ocean holds, and I promise, just like the roller coaster, you will want to go again and again.

Anthony- Intern, Product Tester, Nature Lover and now developing gills A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Monday, June 22, 2009

Let the Ocean Enfold You...

Cabo San Lucas, the name alone conjures up many images in two college student minds. Endless stretches of beaches, crystal clear water, hopping night clubs and adventure on every corner. What doesn’t come to mind in two youthful and eager adults is space, especially suitcase space. Being a girl, over packing is in our blood and being a boy, bringing next to nothing is normal. Trying to fit all the necessities of a perfect vacation is hard enough already, but now it is even more complicated with all the new rules and regulations that come along with flying. Fun seems to have to stop at 50 pounds.

So aside from the typical items one would pack on a vacation, Mike and I found ourselves having to leave behind our old beloved mask and snorkel because we just couldn’t seem to fit it among all my shoes. That is until we were introduced to Body Glove’s new Enfold mask and snorkel. Unlike your ordinary snorkel, the Enfold is made out of silicon; it was flexible and light and squeezed right into our suitcase.

In no time Mike and I were out snorkeling the gorgeous Mexican reef. The Enfold was so convenient in size and space that Mike could throw it right into his backpack and we would be on way to the beach. He loved being able to walk along the ocean with nothing more than a backpack that fit everything he needed, boys are such minimalists. He also claimed that women flocked to him in amazement of his handy snorkel…Yeah right. Aside from all that, the mask even worked great. Its revolutionary design made the perfect air tight fit, we were able to snorkel all day. And the best part was when we were finished; I folded it right back up into Mike’s bag and we headed to the bar for a much needed cocktail.

It is safe to say that the Enfold was the perfect vacation buddy, a whole day of adventure that ceased to take up precious room in either of our suitcases. We may have never known what was lurking below us if it weren’t for the Enfold, and we realize now that you shouldn’t let space play a factor in your fun. Small, flexible, and easy to use, the Enfold showed Mike and I a whole new side of Cabo we may have otherwise missed out on.

Posted by Cori - CWIC Intern
- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Friday, June 5, 2009

True Exfoliation

The Debate... Does the ocean and all its salty, sandy wonder do good things for your skin and your complexion? Anyone, anyone? I've heard of Old Wives' Tales, but this is surely different. We have all been there; out of the water to lay on our very carefully laid out woven tablet of cloth (towel), and we rest. Maybe you do some people watching, maybe snacking on some fresh fruit (nothing tastes better at the beach than fruit), or like most of us, you doze off. Look at that! It's time to leave. Pack your things, dust yourself off and if you frequent any beach from San Clemente to Newport, get ready to hike, uphill.

When I was younger, this part was the worst... I had the mom who insisted on me wearing the trunks with the mesh OH SO COMFY inner whitey tidy lining. Pop quiz, when sand is added to inner whitey tidy lining of trunks that have been washed more than 67 times, what happens? For a little boy, its pandemonium. more uncomfortable even than the itchy Christmas sweater that sits on the hanger for 364 days but is worn, faithfully; to witness the unwrapping of gifts and careful construction of four walled gingerbread shanty houses. But what does this have to do with the skin...?

You have just got back from the beach, dropped essentials on the ground and wandered towards the shower. Flick the thing on, wait around, examine some incredible tan lines (Good news! Tan ensued!) and finally hop in. This is the incredible part... just rinse. Get the sand out of your hair, off your skin and out of your ears. It works like a scrub!! No need to use a store-bought scrub, just a little body wash, a quick rinse and jump out and somehow, someway, you are exfoliated! Skin looks clear and tan, and just a tan sun kissed. Your eyes look brighter, your teeth are definitely whiter and your hair does that really cool thing where it requires no product, it just molds as if you woke up, but not really, you are disheveled, but high fashion, ya know? Oh, just come out with it, you look good!

So how does this work? in all our fancy scrubs, whether they are apricot scented or a very pretty color, there are small pebble like things. The hygiene companies call them exfoliating cleansers or invigorating textures. People, they are little rocks... In the ocean, there is sand, and salt and compounds that all become stuck to your body as you frolic around and attempt to look cool or like you belong there. When you leave, you pick up more sand and yes, these little compounds remain stuck to you. Think of a visit to the ocean as a full body exfoliation. Advantages over spa as follows; You are in the Sun! You avoid the awkward fact that someone else is rubbing your body and drum roll please... It's probaly around 80-100$ dollars cheaper to pay for parking and a few snacks than go and partake in fancy named treatments that are modeled after what else, NATURE!!!

So go explore the ocean: It is exfoliating, it is outdoors and for goodness sakes, it feels Great!!

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-Anthony - Intern, Product Tester, Nature Lover and done wasting money on exfoliating scrubs :)

- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where Is Your Nitsch?

What do Herbert Nitsch, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the standard sun burnt tourist have in common? They dive!! Three very different names and very different backgrounds but connected in the fact that they spend time in the water. One is the bravest human being on the planet, the other a true innovator and the last (guess who) is in need of some lessons. Unless you are swimming competitively, water activities can be broken down into three categories; Free Diving, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling. Now please, Proceed…


The tourist devours blended fruity concoctions, all inclusive anything and Snorkeling. Le Commandant Cousteau fancied his croissant and fathered the Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. SCUBA! But wait, who is this Nitsch Fellow? WELL, funny you should ask being as he is the World record holder for No Limit Free Diving, 214 meters, down, underwater, in ONE BREATH. Translation = Unless somehow Herbert Nitsch himself tracked down my measly blog in attempt to bolster his own mental resume and is now reading it, no reader of mine will ever compare to the set of lungs and err, yeah, this guy has. More to come on Nitsch… Snorkeling is beckoning.
Small tube, set of flippers and a trusty mask… jump in, because you are now a veteran snorkeler. Most snorkeling is done in the warmer climates, where calmer waters are and something interesting, whether it be huge kelp beds, coral, or fish brighter than Fruit Loops can be found. Quick notes about the art of the snorkel; You are already floating in the water with fins you are not used to and a mask that enlarges your eyeballs at least double the size, please don’t draw more attention to yourself by being the one that splashes around imitating your household washing machine. You will soon have no friends in the water, lots of sand around you and maybe if you really have learned your lesson, a few friendly reminders from the coral that they may look pretty but they have a dark, or sharp side. Truth is, snorkeling is great. With nothing more than a plastic tube, the average person can glimpse at what wonder the ocean has in store. May it be the schools of fish or slimy sea cucumber, the sea anemone or the not so friendly sea urchin, the shore has so much to offer one who is willing to simply watch. Be patient, and realize that you are foreign to them, foreign and 6 times most of their size. Think if the tables were turned, a 60 ft fish, walking into your backyard… Howdy Neighbor!

Remember in Finding Nemo, the cleaner fish in the aquarium with the handle bar moustache and the French accent so aptly named Jacques? Yeah he has nothing to do with Jacques Cousteau, but hey, he was French and so is our beloved father of modern day scuba, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Before Cousteau, if a diver wanted to stay underwater by way of an external air source, they had to be hooked up to an oxygen machine and wherever they swam, a very bulky, rather annoying airline was hooked up to their helmet. Cousteau invented the aqualung and now, SCUBA is not just a way of diving, but a way of life. Those who scuba swear it is the most rewarding experience and being part of the water for that long is a treat each and every time. More training is required but that is expected being as deeper depths are attained and if the technique is not performed properly, oh boy, you are in for more than just a little earache. Learn it the right way and never have a problem, plus, it looks cool. Really cool.

Free Diving, where have you been all of my life. This sport, you bet it’s a sport, is incredible. Courage, athleticism, a little bit of insanity and vast amounts of water sprinkled with as much oxygen as you can fill your lings with in one breath. If you bottled up the guts and pinch of madness in an airtight container (pun intended) that come with bungee jumping and released them into the ocean, you birthed free diving, congratulations. By definition, free diving is any kind of swimming done with no breathing apparatus. It could be children having contests to see who holds their breath underwater longest. Or maybe who can go “there and back” on one breath. Free diving is a loose definition which is why most likely, if you have been in the water, you have free dove. Most common free diving includes Spear fishing, underwater Hockey and underwater Rugby. Okay so the second two are not common at all but wow, how do you get tickets? Competitive apnea is really where the sport gets its exposure. All sorts of free diving are recognized consisting of fin and no fin depth contests, assisted and unassisted contests and plain old contests to see who can hold stay under longer. But who is Nitsch? Imagine this, grabbing a few weights, one huge monofin and the biggest breath you ever inhaled and diving the length of 2 ½ football fields and then coming back up!! Yeah, if cheerleading is considered a sport, free diving gets its own category. Goes with skydiving, arm-wrestling, rugby, and unassisted rock-climbing. Herbert, I’m not worthy.

Water is for some relaxing, for others entertainment, and for a select few, a chance to prove their athleticism to the world. No matter what you find yourself doing in the water, do it. Because being weightless and floating seamlessly, being a part of what was here long before us and what will be here long after us, it’s an indescribable feeling.

-Anthony- Intern, Product Tester, Nature Lover and now, Published Blogger.
- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation