Friday, May 22, 2009

BizzaroTurtles, UV Rays, and Children

Bizzaro – a world made famous by the sitcom Seinfeld. Jerry would go on and on about a land where left was right and right was left… A truly bizarre land where Newman was good and Jerry was bad, where Banyon was funny and Jerry’s bits just bombed. The fictitious world of Bizzaro may be more real than fake – not the extreme of left being right and right being left… Bizzaro holds true as we compare ourselves to our shelled friends of the deep, the sea turtle.

From sunglasses to sunscreen to rash guards, if they don't not have UV protection then you don’t want them! At the Turtle Store Emporium located 2 miles deep in the ocean blue (it is their Costco – just left and on the outskirts of Atlantis – that city is so pretentious, they will not allow any chain stores inside their city limits), turtles come from far and wide looking for UV enhancers. They need, they want, they must have the UV to live and grow strong…

Turtles treat UV rays like milk – building strong bones and shells. They may seem like they are being lazy as they lope around with their heads held to the sky, but in fact they are doing just what they need to do for survival. Their sunbathing not only feels good, it inspires their shells to grow, keeps their bones strong and extends their lives. Some live to 30 years or more. And their distant cousin – the giant tortoise – can live into their late 100s, yet Willard Scott of the Today Show never gives them any love, neither do his friends at Smuckers. Not to mention, the long standing legend from India that has a tortoise named Adwaitya who lived to be 255 years old.

And then there are us human beings – we lounge in the sun (because we are lazy) and we enjoy the water like our shelled friend – the difference, turtles glide through the water, we flop through it. And as it pertains to UV rays, they are both a blessing and a curse. In moderation, they assist our bodies in producing Vitamin D (oddly enough found in milk, but as we all learned from Ron Burgandy, milk is not good on a hot day) – this strengthens our bones and teeth and helps us resist various internal cancers. The curse comes from us lounging around like turtles for hours at a time without the proper protection. Since the 80s, there has been a noticeable hole growing in the ozone which has led to a growing number of skin cancer cases – for both children and adults.

Proper protection may mean different things for different people and age groups. For adults lounging around the pool watching their potbellies grow in the sun, a potent sunscreen may be sufficient. But for most children, if they are near a pool, on a beach or at a river, most likely they are jumping in and out of the water. Sunscreen may partially do the trick but one can never be too sure – it rubs off, dissolves in the water and may not be applied evenly. That leads to a funny, all be it uncomfortable, sun burn for the child.

You need to be especially aware of UV rays when you are taking kids to the water – UV rays may not seem as dangerous as a shark or snapping turtle (they bit way harder than sharks and they are not confusing you with a seal, they are just mean and want to bite you). The message – skin and eye protection are key. Get a float suit or rash guard with UV protection – you and the kids should be wearing sunscreen with UV protection – finally wear both goggles and sunglasses (not at the same time – plus wear the goggles on land and the sunglasses underwater, wait that is Bizzaro world; so the opposite and make sure the lens have UV protection).

Learn more about UV protecting products at for both adults and children. Learn more about turtles at (we can’t do all the work for you – and if I see this as a book report for some kid, then I will prosecute like Metallica going after Napster)

Did you know that a sea turtle can swim up to 20 MPH?! It’s amazing that a slow and pokey reptile on land can be so quick in the water. It makes me wonder – maybe they are just in a hurry to get back into the sun to catch some UV rays…
- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Friday, May 15, 2009

Modern Day Alcatraz, Swim & Purpose

Team CWIC has come in contact with an amazing woman...

We are proud to salute Susan Odom Midgett of Greensboro, North Carolina for her dedication to raising money for the Vilaj Espwa orphanage in Haiti by swimming in Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim on August 15th, 2009.

Susan's goal is to raise $100,000 for the orphanage, which houses 600 children and provides 3000 meals for the children and all locals who travel by foot or donkey to the facility.

Her devotion to a cause greater than herself should be recognized by all and is a reminder that we can use our passions, hopes and dreams to change the lives of people in need.

Susan's feat isn't going to be an easy one -- her first challenge is to raise the money and her second is to brave the icy, current heavy waters off off Alcatraz Island. And then there are the sharks...! Not to worry -- people participate in this event each year and there has yet to be a shark attack!! The most realistic battle is the one she will have within -- to push herself to keep moving forward and to believe in her abilities.

We salute you Susan for your vision -- and for using your love of swim to better the world!

For more information on Susan's quest go to:

Need gear for an open water swim? Click here for some great suggestions.
- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Friday, May 8, 2009

An Ocean Swim -- Simply Amazing...

There is something to be said about the power of water. The other day I was stressed and needed to unwind, so I headed to my favorite spot in Laguna Beach with a friend hoping a dip in the ocean would make a difference. My friend had a camera and I had no idea that she caught my entire adventure...

I stood on the sandy shore questioning whether or not I was going to go through with it and then muttered to myself, "just dive bold." I tugged my wetsuit over my bikini and yanked the zipper closed. Then thought again, "should I do this? It's gonna be cold!!!" The knowledge that my 3/2 wetsuit would keep me nice and toasty in the water did little to calm my hesitation as a chilly breeze blew in from the West. I liken the decision to jump into cold water to the tough decisions we have to make in life -- once there is forward momentum, though, the things we fear aren't as big and bad as we make them out to be.

Taking a deep breath, I went for it -- running toward the shore break my toes came in contact with the icy water. I moved a little faster and took a dive into a crested wave. Then came the usual shock to the system. "Whewwww!" A chill swept down from my head to my toes.

Swimming beyond the shore break, my body warmed and I was magically at one with the water -- revitalized and free from the stresses of life on land, or between the four walled world in which I spend the majority of my hours.

My reverie was interrupted when a surfer to the right waved and pointed in my direction. "Look!" he exclaimed with a smile on his face! Just about three feet away were four fins sticking out of the water. My initial instinct was to scramble for the shore and yell "shark!!!" And then four magnificent and adorable dolphin noses bobbed into the air. The pod continued to head in my direction, so close that I could almost reach out and touch one of their tails. They then circled around the surfer and I while playing in the waves like pups. A few minutes into my astonishment, they zipped off in the direction of Aliso Creek Beach, known for plentiful kelp beds on which they feed in the evenings.

Back on shore, I sat bundled in a towel to watch the sunset while wondering to myself why I don't do this more often...

- By Jen of CWIC

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- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

Monday, May 4, 2009

The History Of Fins

What do you call the big rubber shoes you throw on your feet to help you gain an edge in the water? Swim fins, shin fins (also used as a curse word in some countries) or flippers? Perhaps you have a very special name for them (if so let us know). Here at we call them fins. Fins are worn on the foot, adding length and propulsion to each of your kicks in the water. Hi-Tech fins are like great sunglasses – our friends in Italy know this to be true. Style, form and function mean one thing - Italian designed and manufactured. Great fins should have the style of a Ferrari and the performance of a Lamborghini. In water language that means a blade that delivers a tremendous amount of power with minimal expenditure of energy. Rubber center section cups water in the down stroke to prevent blade from wobbling or side slipping. In basic terms – you look good when you’re swimming through the deep blue and more importantly you cover more water, faster and with less effort. All of this adds up to more time in the water, exploring one of nature’s greatest resources by swimming, body boarding, bodysurfing and various types of underwater diving.

Unlike Aquaman, who can dash through the water like a great blue or black marlin, the average diver/swimmer cannot effectively use their feet to move through the water. Your toes may be great for helping you count when you need to get past the number 10 but are horrible at underwater propulsion. If you are a diver, adding equipment that increases hydrodynamic drag (you did not wake up and expect to read a hydrodynamic drag, dropping it like its hot blog style – way. Also, hydrodynamic is a triple word score when playing Scrabble; thank your friends at when you take home the gold in the international Scrabble competition). Anyways, when you are geared up underwater your feet and toes are no help in moving you through the water. Aquaman can swim circles and squares around you. That is why swimmers and divers, in an effort to be more like Aqua Man, use swim fins….

So what fins will work for you? Depends on what water activity you are in too. Nice shades are made for specific reasons – driving, golfing, fishing, outdoor sports, etc. The same holds true for fins. A fin that will have you darting through the cool blue waters of the Pacific Ocean will not have the same affect in your 12ft X 30ft above ground pool. Fins are specially designed for special activities – a fun day of snorkeling, a day of laps in the pool, a free dive to explore the deep blue – you name the activity and there is a fin designed for it.

Figure out what water activities you want to do, then visit us at . We have sets, combos and standalone products. Each product is loaded up with information ensuring you get the product you want and you know where you can buy it…

Maximize your time in the water with the right products and never forget the immortal words of Aquaman – “You know not all my friends have fins.”

Maybe you can be a friend. And with the right fins, you might even be able to keep up with the legendary superhero of the deep…
- A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation