Monday, January 25, 2010

Chasing the Sun -- A Suggestion for Finding the Sun Once Again

Winter is without a doubt here for most states in the US -- record snow fall and rain has been leaving many dreaming of a way to escape, including me! I'm a California girl at heart -- to me this means that I hold the sun & the Pacific Ocean dear to my heart.

Tomorrow is going to be another chilly, rainy day here in the OC -- so if I could I'd jump on a plane and head to one of my favorite warm spots in Central America -- Bocas Del Toro, Panama. There you can find a pristine nature preserve and Rain Forest -- not to mention the ocean water is so warm you can stay in for hours. Oh...and the vitamin D is easily accessed there -- so no need for sun therapy for a few months if you live in a dark, rainy climate.

While you're there I'd suggest taking along some easy to pack snorkeling gear -- such as the Body Glove Enfold Combo. The Enfold is great because if you want to go zip lining or hiking through the rain forest, the combo fits in a sun glass sized pouch and can be taken along on the adventure.

Or if you're near sighted and don't like to wear your contacts in the water, the Body Glove Optical Mask is a great buy!

If you are lucky enough to escape to a beautiful,warm island getaway I'm jealous as all can be!! Feel free to send me some pictures to make me jealous!!

-- Post by Jen of CWIC

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