Monday, July 27, 2009

Essential to Snorkeling

In a land far away, an activity dubbed snorkeling was popular. It was "all the rage" and all the "cool kids" were doing it. That land was earth and snorkeling was the hit activity in beach towns and beach resorts. Kids and adults alike populated the reefs with one goal, actually more like a DREAM: to view the ocean in a way never before seen, as a fish! But before they could embark on their endeavors, they had to obtain one vital component. The one piece allow them to truly enjoy the ocean.
The one and the only.....snorkel keeper!
Wow. Really Anthony, did you just write a whole hook driven by the Lord of the Rings theme to explain a snorkel keeper. Yes.. oh boy...

All kidding aside, a snorkel keeper is really no bigger than a silver dollar but without it snorkeling can be difficult. Some don't even know what one is -- they may have heard the term -- but just to be clear, a snorkel keeper is a connector piece that holds the mask and the snorkel together. IT allows you to move freely without worrying that your snorkel will submerge and having the piece of mind knowing that the snorkel won't grow fins and decide to swim away; it can't, it's attached to your face!!

Most keepers come attached to the snorkel with a clip -- you then attache it to your mask strap. Once attached correctly they are quite secure, are user friendly and can be easily to be swapped with other masks.

So when you think snorkeling, don't just think snorkel and mask, make sure you have that keeper. Because without it, you just won't enjoy the ocean as effortlessly as you should. It's your little plastic key to ocean fun! Sorry, at CWIC we get a little excited about this stuff. Really, you should see us. I typed this whole blog with full snorkeling regalia on. I have to go, my mask is foggy and I need to find a body of water. Hasta Luego!

Anthony- Intern, Blogger, Spanish Speaker, and Action Figure A C Walters Intercoastal Corporation

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